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    • Fearless Moral Inventory

      29 July 2014


      Although I was raised a Christian, I have increasingly come to respect and learn from the traditions, wisdom and practice of other faiths. Recently, I was given a sermon by Senior Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein at the Central Synagogue in midtown Manhattan. (He stepped down from his post as senior rabbi in June). It’s one [...]

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    • Every Day is the Most Important Day

      24 July 2014


      For years, I’ve subscribed to Gail Blanke’s little email doses of optimism and encouragement: Monday Morning Motivators. These brief stories and reflections arrive in my inbox and often are just what I need to turn my engine over for the first time on the slowest morning of the week. A recent one struck me as [...]

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Mission Statement

This site offers a way for our participants to find a path toward a better future by learning from the stories of those who have chosen good over evil. It urges readers to reach for the good, not only in times of crisis, but also in their routine, daily lives.

Goodness is essentially a skill you learn through daily practice. We look forward to your help by telling us about your own situation, your own choices, and ways in which you’ve chosen to do what’s right in your own life. As a clearinghouse for stories of moral and ethical change, the Constant Choice can help each of us, as individuals, change the world for the better—by making constant good choices, day by day.

The Constant Choice website was founded by Peter Georgescu, who was abducted in childhood by the Communists, separated from his parents for eight years, and put to work in a forced labor camp in Romania. After being reunited with his parents in America, he rose to become CEO of a multinational communications company, and has devoted himself to explore and explain the nature and impact of both good and evil behavior. You can also explore his views and read about his experiences in his book The Constant Choice.

  • A Family Reunited

    This short video recounts the Georgescu parent’s refusal to submit to blackmail, at great personal risk—and the ultimate vindication of their adherence to what was right.
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    THE CONSTANT CHOICE is a remarkable story that transcends memoir or autobiography in favor of a reflective look at an unusual life. pre-order now
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    The drivers of business success in the 21st century are clear. The two most fundamental are creativity through productive innovation, and management through decency and human values. order now