Food for Thought

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Food for Thought


Any snowbird who summers in the Northeast and winters in Florida will, at one point or another, inevitably think one of two things: “Wegmans supermarkets remind me of Publix.” Or: “Publix supermarkets remind me of Wegmans.” Wegmans has stores throughout New York and in a few locations out of state. Publix serves customers in Florida. [...]

Salvaging Lives


Sister Tesa Fitzgerald is devoted to motherhood. As a nun in the order of Saint Joseph of Brentwood, she lives and works in Queens, running the organization she founded, Hour Children, to serve as a halfway house for women emerging from prison. The mission is to help them become the kind of mothers their children [...]

Innovation, education, opportunity


I believe the American economy can do some crucial things to put itself on a much more robust path toward growth. First, though, we all have to get a clear picture of what’s kept the recovery so frail since 2008 — factors in place long before the near-collapse of the financial system. The economy has [...]

Dorothy Height’s Quiet Leadership


It’s possible that what makes me admire Dorothy Height more than anything is the fact that I didn’t know she existed until Google wove her face into its logo recently. As a result, most major newspapers published quick stories about her exemplary life. You could sum up the heart of her work in a sentence: [...]

Sustainable Shareholder Value


Unilever is one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. Few people would be able to identify what it does, though its brands are household names: Lipton, Dove, Ben and Jerry’s, Pond’s, Vaseline, Ragu, and many many others. It was once called “the world’s most difficult corporate-management job.” The Anglo-Dutch corporation has [...]

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