Southwest Shares

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Southwest Shares


Southwest Airlines remains one of the most remarkable success stories in American business over the past quarter century. After its first year as a start-up, Southwest has been profitable for 39 consecutive years. It has consistently ranked high in Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For in America.” Part of its success can be [...]

Immigrant success story


A fantastic book came my way not long ago, and it turned out to be a reminder that the classic American success story still holds water. In this case, a whole lot of water. Maybe it seems powerful and true because it reminds me of my own history: an immigrant child comes to this country and [...]

Compassion for all


It’s no surprise when American bishops talk about canonizing Dorothy Day as a saint, as they’ve done in recent years. For me, her life embodies the heart of Christianity because of the way she constantly tried to translate her faith into good works. She never stopped striving to make a difference in the lives of [...]

Google Shows the Way


I’m always on the lookout for little green shoots of sanity in the world of business. In a realm largely devoted to enriching its investors and top executives, occasionally a business — even one with a household name — will do the right thing. Few public companies now take all stakeholders into consideration when they [...]

True Meaning of Christmas


In Jay Parini’s new book, Jesus, the Human Face of God, he retells the story of Jesus, interpreting it as both a literal story and a mythos: A universal map that offers a way to understand the meaning of life and death. This might sound like a daunting read, but it isn’t. Jesus comes alive, as [...]

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