Soros Fellow’s Sisterhood

Observations: a web log

Soros Fellow’s Sisterhood

sejal hathi

At 21, Sejal Hathi still has the voice of a teenager, but she’s as articulate and confident as a seasoned entrepreneur — which is exactly what she is. When she was only 15, she founded Girls Helping Girls, as a pen pal organization linking teenage girls in the San Francisco Bay area, where she grew up, with [...]

Economy Pivots on Education

school room

America needs to employ more people. Job growth and employment have been sluggish for years now. Part of the key to reducing unemployment is to improve our educational system. In the ever more competitive global marketplace, skill and knowledge are at a premium. We would do well to learn from other countries about how to [...]

Religion and/or faith

Tim Keller

I know the truth, and you don’t. I’m right and you’re wrong. This implicit assertion underlies nearly everything going wrong in our politics today, as well as most other fields that have become polarized and, thus, politicized. Liberals think conservatives are evil. Conservatives think liberals are naïve. Each camp believes it knows what’s up, and [...]

Fearless Moral Inventory


Although I was raised a Christian, I have increasingly come to respect and learn from the traditions, wisdom and practice of other faiths. Recently, I was given a sermon by Senior Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein at the Central Synagogue in midtown Manhattan. (He stepped down from his post as senior rabbi in June). It’s one [...]

Every Day is the Most Important Day


For years, I’ve subscribed to Gail Blanke’s little email doses of optimism and encouragement: Monday Morning Motivators. These brief stories and reflections arrive in my inbox and often are just what I need to turn my engine over for the first time on the slowest morning of the week. A recent one struck me as [...]

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