A Case Against Certainty

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A Case Against Certainty


A piece in The Atlantic, by Paul Bloom, not long ago, took for granted a few issues that may not have been settled to everyone’s satisfaction quite yet. He asserts, as many scientists do now, that human beings are strictly physical creatures, that (with some small exceptions allowed for the randomness inherent in quantum physics), human beings [...]

Workplace heroism


On November 25, 2008 a group of Islamic terrorists invaded and lay siege to the building all employees and guests of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. Remarkably all the employees chose to remain in the building, rather than flee to safety as they were instructed to do in cases of emergency. At the [...]

Capitalism with a Conscience


Whole Foods is one of those companies that deserves to be successful. It’s an amazing story and it deserves to be celebrated as an example for other business leaders in a time when our economy desperately needs new ventures that generate both jobs and profit in an ethical and responsible way. It’s regularly selected for Fortune [...]

Our Culture’s Debt to Jesus


In one of his essays from half a century ago included in Is God Happy?, the Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski examined how Jesus shaped the history of Western culture — not as a theological, mythologist or psychologist — but simply as a layman seeing how the words of Jesus made us who we are today in [...]

Southwest Shares


Southwest Airlines remains one of the most remarkable success stories in American business over the past quarter century. After its first year as a start-up, Southwest has been profitable for 39 consecutive years. It has consistently ranked high in Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For in America.” Part of its success can be [...]