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Reader Response


  Seeing . . . the Palm Beach Daily News reminded me that your talk for the Chamber was SO inspiring and motivating. Please forgive the delay, but know that your talk was so appreciated by me and all of the other attendees. I recently watched on the Internet the happy and emotional reunion of you and your […]

The Letchworth Code


On a recent visit to Letchworth State Park in Western New York (often called The Grand Canyon of the East), we happened upon the personal rules of conduct followed by its founder, William Pryor Letchworth, a philanthropist who bequeathed the park for public use at his death. I was inspired and moved by the kindness […]

Jack Mook: Soldier, Cop, Coach, Savior


Imagine you’ve been a cop for years in a tough city. You harden yourself to the things you see and try not to bring them home at night. You do what you have to do, and it’s hard work, exhausting sometimes. As a detective, you spend more time observing bad actors, getting to know them, […]

The Courage of Compassion


I recently learned about the story of Irena Sendler, a Catholic hero in Poland during WWII who helped save thousands of Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto before their families could be seized and sent to the death camps. She could see what was at hand for Jews who had been […]

At Home in the World


We spoke with Paul Linden-Retek via Skype recently: he was back in Prague, where he was born, doing research on the relationship between national cultures and the constitutional structure of the European Union. It sounds pretty dry. Yet it’s really the story of his life, which has been a tutorial in how larger political structures […]

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