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Clicks for Bricks

house of one

In Berlin, my lifelong employer, Young & Rubicam, has begun building a place of worship designed to serve all of the world’s three monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. When it’s complete, The House of One will have three separate wings — one to serve as a synagogue, one as a church and a third as […]

Pre-School for the Poor

durham nativity

For more than a decade, a wonderful experiment in providing a world-class education for the poor and underprivileged–mostly Latino and African-American students–has been turning out successful students in Durham, North Carolina. The school selects based on income, not race: all students must quality for the federal meal program. The school’s impact is small, but significant–and […]

Advertising for the Good

unsung hero

As summer approaches again, my wife Barbara and I look forward to another season in Chautauqua, full of lectures, performances, and beautiful Finger Lakes weather. It’s a community founded in 1874 as a camp for training Sunday School teachers and has, over the years, become a cultural treasure, a place where the middle class can spend […]

Never Seconds

martha payne

Almost three years ago, a nine-year old girl in Scotland told her father she wanted to be a journalist. She didn’t want to wait. So her father suggested a blog about her school lunches. Together they figured out how to set one up, and called it Never Seconds, because someone had already claimed Oliver Twist’s “More Please.” […]

Food for Thought


Any snowbird who summers in the Northeast and winters in Florida will, at one point or another, inevitably think one of two things: “Wegmans supermarkets remind me of Publix.” Or: “Publix supermarkets remind me of Wegmans.” Wegmans has stores throughout New York and in a few locations out of state. Publix serves customers in Florida. […]