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Reader Response


  Seeing . . . the Palm Beach Daily News reminded me that your talk for the Chamber was SO inspiring and motivating. Please forgive the delay, but know that your talk was so appreciated by me and all of the other attendees. I recently watched on the Internet the happy and emotional reunion of you and your […]

Free Will, Free Choice


B.F. Skinner, the father of behaviorism, titled his seminal work, Beyond Freedom and Dignity. The title gave away his central thesis, that we are utterly determined to behave in certain ways by our previous “conditioning.” We have no free will, and thus no dignity. We are essentially automatons, and if we want to improve our […]

Real Values vs. Shareholder Values


When Boeing merged with McDonnell-Douglas in 1997, there ensued a cultural power struggle between Boeing engineers and McDonnell-Douglas bean counters. If I say Wall Street won this battle, will that tell you who came out on top? In the end, Boeing went against the grain of its deepest cultural values by outsourcing nearly two-thirds of […]

The Only Way to Win

market basket

Few business stories have Hollywood endings like the one Market Basket enjoyed recently when it defeated a hostile takeover. That may not be quite the right term for what almost happened. It was an internal power struggle that turned into an astonishing tale of employee and customer loyalty. Five family shareholders forced the CEO to […]

The Letchworth Code


On a recent visit to Letchworth State Park in Western New York (often called The Grand Canyon of the East), we happened upon the personal rules of conduct followed by its founder, William Pryor Letchworth, a philanthropist who bequeathed the park for public use at his death. I was inspired and moved by the kindness […]

Jack Mook: Soldier, Cop, Coach, Savior


Imagine you’ve been a cop for years in a tough city. You harden yourself to the things you see and try not to bring them home at night. You do what you have to do, and it’s hard work, exhausting sometimes. As a detective, you spend more time observing bad actors, getting to know them, […]

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