Every Day is the Most Important Day

Observations: a web log

Every Day is the Most Important Day


For years, I’ve subscribed to Gail Blanke’s little email doses of optimism and encouragement: Monday Morning Motivators. These brief stories and reflections arrive in my inbox and often are just what I need to turn my engine over for the first time on the slowest morning of the week. A recent one struck me as [...]

Welcome to the Anthropocene


We aren’t simply living in a new geological age. We’re creating it. It’s called the Anthropocene. The literal meaning of the word would be “the era of man.” That’s our home, and it represents a mere blip of 170,000 years in geological time. Though the word hasn’t been officially accepted into the Geological Time Scale, [...]

Happy Employees, Higher Profit

love hate workA key passage in a great story about worker well-being and productivity:

Employees are vastly more satisfied and productive, it turns out, when four of their core needs are met: physical, through opportunities to regularly renew and recharge at work; emotional, by feeling valued and appreciated for their contributions; mental, when they have the opportunity to focus in an absorbed way on their most important tasks and define when and where they get their work done; and spiritual, by doing more of what they do best and enjoy most, and by feeling connected to a higher purpose at work.

The more effectively leaders and organizations support employees in meeting these core needs, the more likely the employees are to experience engagement, loyalty, job satisfaction and positive energy at work, and the lower their perceived levels of stress. When employees have one need met, compared with none, all of their performance variables improve. The more needs met, the more positive the impact.

Manufacturer on a Mission

eric logan

I tend to obsess on the need for ordinary people to step up and do something good for other people, outside the daily routine. I’m often surprised and gratified to discover how many folks are already doing good things above and beyond their work and family lives. I stumbled onto a perfect example of this [...]

Give Someone a Hand


Commencement addresses have a way of becoming classic formulations of what matters most in life. It has something to do with the Polonius/Laertes nature of the occasion: final words of wisdom from someone older to a young person before setting off into a harsh, tricky world. Recently, Kaveh Alizadeh spoke to the graduating class as [...]

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