Observations: a web log


“The Constant Choice is an incredible story with interplay between personal history, political context, moral and philosophical questions, and a deep spiritual quest that underlies it all. Reading this book one feels that engaging with these questions—what is Good, what is Evil, what does a true morality mean, where are we going as a human race, what is our responsibility—is a serious endeavor, and quite possibly the ultimate reason we are here on earth.”

—Francesca Rusciani

“The Constant Choice is inspiring and provocative. It caused me to dwell on ethical and philosophical questions. I was moved by the need for the daily choice, the need to try to ‘be always good.’ Now it’s my turn. This is a book I look forward to reading again.”

—Sally Neff

“I have read and reread The Constant Choice with rapt involvement. It is a truly amazing account of a life’s journey through evil and good. Remarkably, I began to see myself on so many of the pages. Peter Georgescu’s questions became my questions. An author who can give a reader pause to really look into themselves has accomplished quite a feat.”

—Hale Oliver

“In The Constant Choice, Peter Georgescu dwells on the good and evil in his life and our time. I found amazing parallels in my life. Our country is facing challenges, a loss of our moral compass. Will we have the resolve to fix our problems? Will we receive the benefit of all the guardian angels who have helped us succeed? I am encouraged by the optimism and conviction in these pages.”

—Richard Reminger

“It is with incredible honesty that Peter Georgescu shares his personal journey of spiritual questioning to understand good and evil. The Constant Choice has not only enriched me, but also deepened my relationships. It has prompted in-depth discussions about good and evil, faith and belief, and the purpose of our lives on earth.”

—Linda Tullis

“I have always had problems taking the historic God on faith and subscribing to church dogma. Organized religion was spectator sport. When would I ever participate? When I read Peter Georgescu’s incredible history and his journey to find his God, I finally got it after all these years. God is inside each of us, helping us do good, helping us conduct constant self-examinations of our actions, and helping us shape a life of compassion. Finally I’m a player.”

—Polly McTaggart

“Peter Georgescu’s story is outstanding proof that goodness triumphs over evil. Those who survive desperate and evil situations are those who are kind . . . and possibly have a few guardian angels watching over them. These ‘angels’ reaffirm that there is tremendous goodness in the human heart and spirit. I found this treasure of a book both compelling and touching.”

—Margaret Sinclair

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    This short video recounts the Georgescu parent’s refusal to submit to blackmail, at great personal risk—and the ultimate vindication of their adherence to what was right.
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